I just shot my first roll of the 100 speed film last week. A friend brought back 10 rolls of the 36 exp. 100 speed film from Japan for me. From what I can tell it is Kodacolor 100 film. The box is marked MADE IN USA. The canister looks like a Kodak one with a gray top and black bottom. The cartridge has the same dimensions as a Kodak one and the box does too. The edge marking is 100-2. How does it look? Just fine. Now I have DNP Centuria which was made by Kodak, exported to Japan and brought back here as well as CVS store brand film which was made by Fuji Film in Japan and exported to the US. When it's on sale the CVS 200 speed film is $4.99 for a pack of 4 24 exp. rolls. That film works fine too.