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thanks for all answers, i tried everything an here are the results:
1- i metered how many light was the old bulb and then replaced it for a new one, same EVs, so or all bulbs are bad or bulbs aren't the problem.

I printed 3 photos to check the roll, and here it is, nice blacks, nice whites, nice tone separation, i guess that filters weren't a huge problem with all that dullness.

So can a diffuser enlarger need 50% more of development that a condenser one?

No, as a general rule a diffusion enlarger will not require a 50% increase in development to match the contrast you achieve from a condenser. Also the type of lamp aging that I described in my first post would not be measurable with an exposure meter, you would need a color meter to measure the difference the old and the new bulb.

If the pictures look much better with the radical increase in negative contrast that would seem good but: 1) does changing the filter setting now change the contrast and 2) have they increased markedly in graininess?