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I just got an order of cranes 90lb cover from photographers formulary with the black specs and contrast/coating issues. The paper base also looks darker than what I had before. Searching online some people say that there is no more good platinotype being made while others say it is an issue of the batch. I am having a hard time finding any information that is more recent. Can someone tell me what is going on with this paper and where I can find a good batch of it?

I really like how smooth the surface of platinotype is. Does anyone know of something similarly sharp and smooth (and heavier than graphics 360)?
Disappointingly, my sample order came plainly marked "Cranes Cover" on the plastic encapsulating the paper in spite of it being advertised as "new" Platinotype. If I'd known this I never would have ordered - Dick Arentz warned me of his impressions of Crane Cover several years ago.

Testing this latest paper with PH pen shows it was not acid at all, unlike the old stock Plainotype.

I am not impressed with this one for Pt/Pd even after Oxallic Acid treatment. In fact, its the worst Pt/Pd paper I've tested to date. It failed in both step tablet and my test image. Dropout in mid-to-dark zones, with a weak max black (the image did not "wash off"). No evidence of spots in this sample. YMMV.

Since I have a small stock of the old (real) Cranes Platinotype, I'll stick with that, or other papers I have found suitable. There isn't anymore old stock available commercially that I am aware of.