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In five months I rode over 2000 miles with a 4x5. This include a lot of gravel roads and some high speed descents over washboard roads -- and one over-the-handlebars crash. No extra padding for the camera gear other than the usual for carrying it around. No problems. I still use the equipment 22 years later.

That's really not a fair assessment. A 4x5 camera is essentially a box with few moving parts, none of which are particularly small or delicate. Aside from a cracked ground glass, anything that gets loose or out of alignment can be usually be set straight with a screwdriver and a couple of wrenches. A Hasselblad is a different animal with lots of very small and very precisely made and fitted parts. I'm not saying that it is a particularly delicate instrument. These things are known to take some abuse and keep going. But they do require regular servicing that is often beyond the capabilities of the average camera user. A 4x5 camera can be serviced by a smart chimp.