Hey Guys,

The latest updates for the classifieds are in place. It’s still evolving but the new update includes:

-dates added to ad listings in all areas
-on the recent lists a link to view all ads
-comments now running most recent comment last
-user PM’d when a comment is placed on their ad (haven’t tested yet but should be working)
-had some stuff re-aligned to left alignment instead of center
-had the ad “options” placed within the ad so people did not have to hunt for it and get frustrated about how to action an ad
-the main ad pages used to be one wide list with 1 add per line, this wasted a lot of space and reduced ads per page so I had this split into two columns to maximize space

I have not had a good test with the paypal integration, there could be a bug there so looking into it. Other than that keep the suggestions coming. My coder is away for 2.5-3weeks so I can have a new spec for him when he returns. There is also a lot of general site improvements I am preparing for him that are long overdue.