Okay, I pulled a decent print today. Precoating in distilled water as bostick indicated didn't improve the image much but by soaking the paper for 30 seconds in oxalic acid and then drying the sheet until it was slightly damp I made an acceptable print. After that I humidified for 15 seconds on each side and I developed the print in potassium oxalate at 110 degrees.

It looks much better than before. the image is clear and no longer dominated by the white specs. However the image still shows a consistent scattering of small white specs after it hits the developer. Also, I am coating the side bostick and sullivan indicate and there is a distracting dimple pattern in the paper that is particularly visible in light grays. I will post a scan tomorrow when it is dry.

Anyone else worked with this paper to do pd/pt? It would appear that it is buffered since the acid bath improved the print so drastically?