Finally got cash together to finish putting together my long wanted 12x20, just in time for the Ilford ULF order.

I realize this is a very very subjective question, but given the choice between FP4 & HP5 which would you choose & why?

The film will be processed in Pyrocat for for use in contact printing on both silver papers & alt processes. I had read somewhere, (though I cant currently find the link) that FP4 was more desireable due to its expansion & contraction properties. But, HP 5 has nearly a two stop advantage in speed. For my 8x10 work, I have been satisfied with FP4 & Acros, but in 12x20 all the stopping down which is necessary might benefit from the speed advantage of HP5, but if FP4 has better properties then maybe thats the way I should go.

Thanks for any input!