I have an Analyser Pro and have a few questions after reading the calibration manual and attempting to follow them.

1) After following the directions regarding making the test strips for determining exposure corrections, some strips at the extreme grades look completely blank.

For example, using Ilford Multigrade Matte Fiber, contrast grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 look fine but grades 0 and 00 don't have any hint of gray scale.

Using Fotokemika Varycon Matte Fiber, only grade 5 has this problem. I did follow the instructions and decrease grades 4 and 5 exposure by one f-stop for both papers.

Is this OK? Using the 1/4 stop steps, I just used (-9) as my exposure correction factor for the contrast grades that had no gray scale.

2) after calibrating and entering the exposure correction factors for each grade for each of the papers, I made the contact test prints for calibrating the contrast values for each paper. I first started out with grade 00 and had to increase my exposure times to about 26 seconds for the Fotokemika and 78 seconds for the Ilford papers to get an adequate black.

Do I leave the settings the same except for selecting the appropriate contrast grade that I want to calibrate on the Pro (similar to exposure correction) or can I adjust the exposure time with each grade individually to get a true black/true white print? In other words, will changing the exposure time for each grade upset the standarization process in calibrating each paper?