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No problem, there are a number of good value kits available on both sides of the pond for the C41 and C6 processes.
The Jobo processors handles both very well. The kits not mentioned are; Kodak, Patterson and Jobo. There is very little between them, all are very good but vary a little on chemical volume and time.
There are detailed instructions with all the kits, so as long as you follow them to the letter you will have no trouble at all in getting perfect results.
Thanks, was only going by a few on the list at B&H, I would have already ordered the Kodak but they can't ship it. Grrrrr! Same thing with the Edwal film cleaner, they can no longer ship it due to regulations -- driving 3000 miles to pick up would tend to drive up the cost just a bit! Especially if ya get half-way back and remember you forgot something! :o