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As usual, London was somewhere in between weather wise. 10 deg C. Started dull and overcast, then the sun came out for an hour or two (hurrah!), then it drizzled for a while before finally making up its mind to have a good solid rain for a bit (boo!). By this time it was 4pm so the sun hit the horizon & went down with a soggy thud (not that you could actually see it by then) .... Classic for the time of year.

Forecast for the next 3 months? More of the same (and I don't need zillions of quids worth of Met. Office supercomputer to work that one out)...

Good thing about the cold is that most people stay indoors, leaving us free to photograph in peace. Personally, I don't care if it's cold or hot, I just can't shoot in the &%dy rain!

Cheers, Bob.
I'm with you on that! I love shooting in the snow & cold, but the rain! AUGHHHHH!!! I got exactly ONE day of no-rain to shoot a roll in the Hassy... then... the skies became leaden grey and have stayed that way here ever since!!! It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

I have one of those photographers vest, and I do not care if I look like the Queen of the Nerd Herd in it! That thing is the handiest thing since Inspector Gagdet! I wear mine in pride!