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Put some in the camera and in front of the microwave oven and develop and see what you get
Patrick, microwave ovens emit microwaves (radio waves in the gigahertz frequency), not X-Rays.

Although actually...if the seals on your microwave are working right, hopefully it's not emitting anything!

I experiment with high voltage as another hobby, and I've taken apart several microwave ovens. One time, I actually powered up the magnetron tube from a microwave...outside of a microwaven oven. I limited the power though. But it lit up a neon tube with no wires, and it put a loud hum on my stereo.

Anyway, that's a whole other topic.

I just found this topic through a group Flickr, by the way. I was asking if anyone had tried using X-Ray films in a camera. Someone in the group gave me a link.