Morning, all.

I was hoping I could get an opinion or five.

I'm looking for the right camera. Not the best camera, not the coolest camera, the right one for me. Since you collectively have used/experienced a lot more of them than I have, I'm hoping your experience can be my sage counsel.

Here are the parameters about my life and art that are the fenceposts:

  • In the quality/convenience/price tug of war, I can leave convenience behind. Quality is king here. But I'm not made of money.
  • I don't shoot sports, kids, action. I mostly shoot urban irony (think Erwitt or Parr, with less talent) in the street or figures in a studio.
  • Autofocus is fine, but not necessary as long as I can get a split-image screen.
  • I can process b/w or c-41 rollfilm. Sheet film has to go to the lab. I can print either one.
  • I bump things around a bit. Anything really fragile or tempermental will be in the shop a lot.
  • Ill be carrying this everywhere with me.
  • I have a lovely hand meter and I'm not afraid to use it. Nor am I afraid to use in-camera metering.
  • I wetprint my b/w, I send color to WHCC for lightjet c-printing.
  • I'd prefer something more simple than complex. Less for me to forget that way.
  • I definitely need something that can still be repaired. See above.
  • I like fine grain slow film so having a 1/1billion shutter speed isn't important.
  • Sharpness is very important. Ease of focus + sharp lens would be perfect.
  • Big neg is better than small.

Hopefully I'm not asking for something that's just all over the place and doesn't exist.

Thanks in advance