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Interesting. i never try this Rising Bristol before. Is it produce the similar tone as platinotype?
The Rising mill closed about two years ago. Some of the former Rising products (including the legendary "Stonehenge") are being made by other companies in other mills, and while they may have the same specifications for their primary intended use (which is NOT Pt/Pd printing), they may appear to be quite different products when used in alternative photography.

One of the frustrations of Pt/Pd printing is finding a reliable supply of suitable paper. Many good papers have either disappeared altogether, or have been changed in some way over the last couple of years, and the recommendations that we had to work with a few months ago are not longer suitable.

The problem isn't all that bad for those of us who work in the medium only occasionally - I have a stock of material that will keep me going for another couple of years at least. The guys who do Pt/Pd exclusively have a greater challenge, and especially those who make their living from the process.