The Cranes Company name for this paper is Cranes Cover. "Platinotype" is a trade name. The paper has always had some minor issues with black dots but other papers do as well including old stock Stonehenge from 5 years ago. However, something changed in Cranes manufacturing process in the spring of 2006. A new paper batch arrived at Bostick and Sullivan in June 2006 on which the black dots appeared everywhere. I was the lucky one to receive the first shipment from this batch in the middle of teaching a workshop at the Cleveland Institute of Art. At the time, nobody else had reported any problems so Kevin overnighted replacement paper. It had the same problem so I broke into some of my personal stash of old stock to finish the class. From that point on, the paper has exhibited the black dot disease problem and alt process printers are not a large enough market to get the attention of the Cranes Company. If there are only a couple of small dots in a print, they can be etched with a sharp exacto knife and a powerful magnifier. But I don't recommend doing this for a lot of dots. Look for another paper and if you find one you like, buy a whole bunch of it and put it in the drawer. I have old stock of 4-5 different papers that have all changed or been discontinued.

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I just got an order of cranes 90lb cover from photographers formulary with the black specs and contrast/coating issues. The paper base also looks darker than what I had before. Searching online some people say that there is no more good platinotype being made while others say it is an issue of the batch. I am having a hard time finding any information that is more recent. Can someone tell me what is going on with this paper and where I can find a good batch of it?

I really like how smooth the surface of platinotype is. Does anyone know of something similarly sharp and smooth (and heavier than graphics 360)?