My wife just brought home a like new Yashica Y-16 kit that looks nearly new in the original packaging. The kit looks complete with flash, filters in a case, a leatherette case tat is still fastened down, and some paperwork. There is some film in the camera in a cassette marked "Yashica-16 Plus-X ASA80". I think the film is exposed. Everything appears to function properly. There is one thumbwheel that looks like it is for aperture , and a second wheel that I have no clue what it is for. It is marked " S 25 50 100 200". Is this the shutter speed?
Is this something worth anything (to anyone) or is it a dust collector? If its worth anything, what would be a decent price to set for it? This thing is kinda cute, but not my cup of tea. I like MF gear, not little bitty gizmos.
Let me know what you think, and thanks.