1. So with EV +6 I'd be looking at exposing as though the film were rated at ~12ASA? So assuming 'sunny 16' applies, I'm looking at ~ 1/10 @ f/16?

2. With the Fotoman, I'm anticipating shooting landscapes (The Messum is a big "sweepy" place), perhaps with a subject (e.g., a 2-metre high Welwitschia) in the middle foreground, obviously depending what I find. I've shot ASA25 film at f/32 before without too much difficulty, so if I reckon it's do-able, and you reckon that DOF will handle minor errors, I'll bear hyperfocal distance in mind and compose accordingly. Cool.

3. OK, that's more or less what I thought. Since I'm too cheap to use a darkcloth (I generally wear a fleece out there, which then does double duty as a dark cloth for me when I'm shooting), I'll just go 'common sense applies'.

4. I *am* accustomed to bone-dry air; I live in what's considered hyper-arid highland -- 1650m amsl, ~400mm rainfall per annum... By contrast, the floor of the Messum Crater is generally around 360 metres, and about 3mm/year precipitation, but with occasional fog).

OK, hypothetical: Big landscape, early morning just after sunrise, no clouds, facing west into valley, light fog covering the floor. Tentative guess at exposure?

I'm processing in a CombiPlan (v. rudimentary lab), so unless I bracket, I'm going to have to resort to 'best guess' in terms of exposure. It's worked for me in the past (Baobabs are pretty funky in IR too...), so exposure-wise I'm feeling as though I can probably handle it... I was more concerned about the 'ground handling' of the film in this particular format.

I suppose I should take the rest of my film with me, and not just the film in the holders...

For what it's worth, I'm also taking my Hasselblad (Packing Kodak Tri-X and Fuji Superia 100) and my Nikon D700, so equipment-wise I'll be pretty busy...

Thanks for pointers so far!!