I don't have a rollfilm back for the Fotoman, and I don't think it's possible to fit one. I'll one day own a 'proper' 4x5 field camera, at which time I'll consider going that route. But if I'm shooting IR on rollfilm, my old (and rather splendid) Rolleiflex Automat from 1951 does the trick rather well...

Where did you grow up around baobabs?

My difficulty with keeping unprocessed film in reserve is a function of not quite knowing how to identify film once it's out of the holder; I've only got five (they are seriously hard to get hold of around these parts), so once I shoot, they have to come out and into the "buffer box".

I'm not too worried this time round about keeping the IR film separate from the conventional film I'm taking (Adox 25ASA) as the IR film is a lot thinner, and I'll be able to identify it by feel, but I don't currently have a usable 'filing' system for reliably identifying exposed film once it's out of the holder.