Try to keep your negative densities up a little higher for this lamp that way you will not be stuck trying to use the 4.5 and 5 settings too much. I want to go back and clarify something about the compensating timer. Last week I made several (10) contact prints under the lamp. It is my observation that once the lamp is heated up the timer can do its work but I ALWAYS hit the lamp ON button while I pull the next piece of paper.The timer did its work and all the prints were matched densities. If anyone is using a V-54 lamp and the zone-VI timer you must always leave the lamp OFF for twice the time that is used to expose. The timer will NOT compensate for the lamp being heated up. So just process each sheet and by the time you finish the lamp will have cooled off.
The chart I posted is just a guideline-no 2 brands of paper print the same but by proofing with a 1 filter I have learned to compensate very quickly among brands.Hope this helps out and save someone Time!
Regards Peter