Evening, all.

I recently got a box of 4x6 Ilford postcard paper and found a box of 5x7 RC tucked in my crisper drawer behind the carrots.

I'd very much like to take Todd Deutsch's advice and start printing/sending out, but I'm flummoxed as to which lens would be best to make prints this small from 6x6 and 6x7 negs.

I'm using a co-op darkroom with Bessler 23s for 6x6 and Im not sure which model but a huge enlarger with a motor drive for 6x7 as there are no 6x7 carriers for the Bessler 23 at IFP-MN.

Last time I tried printing 5x7, I had a bear of a time getting the head to where it could project the image that small. I usually use an 80mm lens, but that's only because what we always used in class. I'd be happy to change to get great results.

Thanks in advance