Hello all,

I have just started to dip my toe into MF and I recently acquired a Mamiya C220. It is spectacular!

Yesterday I went out and bought a hotshoe/pc synch for it so I can start to play around with the flash. I read the section on 'Flash Photography' in the Kodak Professional Photoguide, and I understand everything written about GNs and BCPS and how to calculate f-stops with distance etc etc. There is one thing, however, which confuses me: what shutter speed do I use as a baseline?

I know that leaf-shutters x-synch at all speeds with electronic flash, and thanks to all of you, I understand why. But still, there must be some starting point! Even the Kodak Pro Guide's Flash Exposure Dial talks about shutter speed compensation factors to use depending on the ambient conditions...Great! But where do I start? Should I use 1/60 as with a focal-plane SLR?

Can someone help me with this?