For processing film all you need is a changing bag and a Jobo processor (could use a Paterson or similar daylight tank + a bowl of hot water, but the Jobo comes in use again later), plus graduates, thermometer, stirring rod etc. These you can use with plenty of ventilation: outside in the garden if you wanted, so no problem with chemical odours. You load the film into the Jobo reel and put the reel in to the drum inside the changing bag: no need to sit in the dark at all.

For printing you need space for an enlarger with a colour head - a large closet will do - the bathroom is traditional! In total darkness you expose the print and then load it into a Jobo print drum. That's the total amount of time needed in the dark. Lights on, open the windows for ventilation and pour and dump the chemicals in to the Jobo drum at the right times (if you get a Jobo with a lift, this is easier and more accurate to time.

As all the processing chemicals are inside the drums or in capped bottles except when pouring & dumping them (and you can have as much ventilation as you like during this time) and you are operating in daylight for everything except the actual paper exposure, its all much more civilised than using smelly trays in total darkness.

Chemicals can go in a lockable box - you only need about 1 - 2 square feet of shelf space.

Cost? Check previous auctions on eBay for Jobo CPE-2 (go to the Advanced Search section - it allows you to select 'Completed Auctions Only'). Ditto colour enlargers. Although your details say you shoot 35mm, I'd suggest at least a 6x6cm enlarger - 4x5 inch if you can afford it and have the space these beasts take up (and can source one locally - too big to ship halfway across the States!). The whole lot, Jobo with a 6x6cm enlarger and assorted odds and sods can be had for about 200GBP on ebay UK - probably about 300USD given that these things are generally cheaper in the US.

Good luck! Cheers, Bob.