Today I was shooting and accidently backed into my tripod tipping it over (with camera on top) and broke the gridded glass back on my Technikardan. Before you all say "Way to go dude", I was obviously distracted by the nude model I was shooting, so I feel that it wasn't really my fault.

Anyway the glass back broke leaving the plastic fresnel lens undamaged. I was assuming I couldn't use the camera, but the image focuses fine on the fresnel lens. I know that I can get some sort of generic replacement for it, but what would everyone think? A Linhoff with generic parts!

Anyway - does anyone know where I can get a replacement Gridded Glass back for it?

Bob (if you see this thread) - I also broke one of the green plastic ends off of one of levers on the back. The lever is fine, but the green plastic is gone. Can these be replaced?