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Look, I just put that last part in there in case Bruce wanted to know how a TRUE ratio was figured.

If we all just replace the colon in a dilution with a plus it will save a lot of head scratching. Remember that first of all.

When Kodak says "D76 1:1" they mean one part D76 and one part water. I don't know why they use the ratio thing here (the colon) instead of a plus sign.

1:0 is a misnomer. You can't have a ratio with only one quantity

1:1 is what we call stock solution. One part developer in a total of one part. That's a 100% solution.

1:2 is half stock and half water.... and so on.

Just remember to replace the colon with a plus sign and all this ratio stuff won't matter.
Now that works for me. Thank you.
1 (Stock) + 1(Water) = a 50% Working Solution.
1 (Stock) + 2(Water) = 33.33% Working Solution.