I find colour [C-41 and RA-4] easier then B&W.

You don't need a processor. The same Jobo tanks will work on a motor. For the water bath my setup is a coleman cooler. A fish heater. Works just fine. It's no more work then a Jobo processor. It keeps temps in control just fine.

I'd take the money saved on the processor and get something like the colorstar 3000. My last one cost me $67 used.

My start up time with colour is longer then B&W but that's all waiting for the bath to heat up to temp. My clean up time is much less. The setup needs less room then my B&W setup. In the space I'd put two trays I've got basically everything for colour. Colour also seems cheaper [paper and chemicals] then B&W. But it's not much of a difference.