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Ian, if you do succeed in fabricating the 9X12 sheaths, what are the chances of making a few 10x15cm?
The company I've used for sheet metal work for the past 20 or so years couldn't make the adapters because they just don't work with metal that thin. I had to go elsewhere hence the delays, plus in the UK there were many holidays for Easter, Mayday etc, and much of the time I was away from base.

You need 0.3/0.4mm sheet to fabricate adapters, and a former of hardened steel approx 0.25mm to simulate the film and bend the edges around. The problem I ran into was the fabricators didn't have the sheet in stock & so it wasn't economic as they had to buy a whole sheet and I needed less than 2% of a sheet to make quite a number of adapters. If I'd visited a few other fabricators I might have struck lucky unfortunately my time was limited. I did get some new blades made for a 20"x24" Beard Masking frame and that cost me 2 ($3.20) so it can be done.

My dalliance with 9x12 blows hot/cold because of weight restrictions when flying, I still need to bring a developing tank and plate holders etc, and my baggage is always over weight, but once they are here I can start using them in earnest.