I'll add another voice for the Arca 141, and Rod Klukas. I've been using an Arca Field 141 with the collapsable rail for three years, in a Lowepro Phototrekker, the older version. It replaced a quite wonderful Toyo 45A. I use lenses from 75 to 500 tele with the standard bellows. The camera is a dream to use, smooth, rigid, and it just feels good. I know a view camera is just two standards and a bellows, but the Arca is in another class. Unless weight is truly critical, in which case get a Canham and you'll be fine. But the Canham, as light and wonderful as it is, does not have the rigidity or precision of an Arca. I hike up to two miles or so with the Arca, not super steep uphill, but I am now over 60. In my youth I scrambled all over the Columbia Gorge and Mt Hood with my trusty Toyo 45A and a now unthinkable Gitzo 3 series aluminum tripod with lots of film holders too. I will carry my Arca as long as I can and then work from near the car. It is almost assuredly my last 4x5 camera. I hope never to sell it. My children will just have to figure it out.

Good luck.