Hi Folks,

I picked up a Fuji GX617 recently - all is in great shape except it's missing the main film advance lever. (Yes I knew this before hand, but it was a great price). The camera does have the sub metal tab that was under the advance lever that I've been using to advance the film. For the first 2 frames this method is fine, but Frames 3 and 4 are increasingly difficult on the thumb as it spools up.

I contacted Fuji Canada up here and they do not service the model up here anymore and they recommended it be shipped down to the states for $140 dollars - that's just shipping, no repair! Fuji USA said they cannot sell me the part as I am not a authorized Fuji repair/dealer.

I can salvage a lever from a junker camera. I can graft on another lever on to the tab but first I'll need to remove the black ring/cap around the shutter release button and I'm not sure how that is secured on - please see pic.

I dont see any screws or pins holding it on. Does any one have experience taking this piece off? Would it be screwed on directly or force fit? If I can remove the cap, I can modify another lever to fit.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bharat