I had the opportunity to viewed Ron Mowrey's emulsion making book and the two accompianing DVD's a couple of weekends ago and I'd like to report my impressions of them here.

DVD first - I'm quite impressed with both the amount of information presented, but also the quality of the presentation. Even though filming is done with only one camera, and generally with presented with a static shot of what's happening, the camera work is done well. Other than a few short sequences where there is water running in the background, the audio is quite understandable and very clear. (There's a couple minutes that have water running in the background, but the audio is still of good quality, it's just not as clear as the majority of the rest of the video.)

Ron and Greg, his videographer, do a great job and it's a product that they will have every right to be proud of making.

I read through the first 40 pages of the book and the last 40 pages, and I skimmed the hundred or so pages in between. I've attended one of Ron's classes, and there is a lot more information presented here and in greater depth than I remember from the class. Both in actual emulsion making formulas, as well as in the theory, science, and practice behind emulsion making.

While I highly recommend taking one of Ron's emulsion making classes, the combination of his book and the DVDs is certainly the next best thing to taking his class. (I recommend the class as you get to ask questions and get to see the process first hand - something you can't do with a DVD or book.)

This book and DVD set is going to be very useful for anyone interested in entering the field of emulsion making.

Kirk Keyes