I have an OM1 and OM2n with 24mm/f2.8, 35mm/f2.8, 50mm/f1.4 and 100mm/f2.8. One of those bodies plus all of the lenses (+ some film, a lens cloth) accompany me on my daily commute of 55 miles each way to where I work in the City of London.

I also have a similar set up with a Nikon F100 and D700 (for the autofocus and digital options). These are slightly larger and heavier but still fit in my shoulder bag with enough room for my "iPod Touch" and a book (gotta have some distraction from the crappy train journey).

They are also great travel / landscape / street set-ups (a body and small 'primes' seems less conspicuous than a body with a big, lumpy f2.8 short-range zoom attached).

If I ever get chance to buy another rig, I'd probably go for a Canon T90 and equivalent FD lenses. The T90 would probably be my 1st choice Canon as I had one in the 80's and loved the single or multi-spot metering function.

All the best. Paul.