I use a CombiPlan Tank (http://www.badgergraphic.com/store/c...uct_list&c=241) to develop my film and a Harrison Tent (http://www.badgergraphic.com/store/c...uct_list&c=161) to load my Darkslides - but not at the same time

However, if you had the 10x8 Harrison Tent there would be enough room to load the sheets of film into the CombiPlan and then use it as a daylight tank.

Provided you have a Film/Developer combination that is 10+ mins the slowness of the tank filling won't give uneven development issues.

Another alternative is a Jobo 2500 Tank and Reel (http://www.badgergraphic.com/store/c..._detail&p=1818)

Ian Grant is correct about the light tent being a dust trap - you need to be very hot on the house keeping duties.

Have fun