I thought that I had posted this, but I guess I was interrupted.

The reviewers to date have made suggestions that would add just about a chapter to the book plus a large expansion in one section. On the first 5 pages I have found about 2 errors per page.

So, I am getting my nerve up to tackle the job of revising this draft. I expected as much, but nevertheless, this will take time.

Please bear with me. The suggestions were good and will improve the book. It basically repeats material in 3 ways so far:

1. Simple with no experiments some data
2. Experiments with data and photos
3. Full details and lots of science and math

This means that for your convenience, some graphs and photos are repeated as many as 3 times, but the reviewers say that this works by having the data (proofs if you will) handy at all stages.

I have even contemplated having samples of the various raw papers and films bound with the book, but that might be overkill. It might also be too expensive.