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i have one!
it came with my 4x5 camera, i only tried with some e6 film, colors and contrast are quite pale against other modern lenses, to me it has the look of an older lens not a 10 years old one, i'm not an expert and i have just tried another 90mm lens, so take my advice as a pinch of salt.
in hand it looks cheap and small but if you travel with it that should be good thing, and it takes 40.5mm filters.

pd. it let me enough movements without vignetting, i haven't tried any extreme movements, but for normal stuff there´s plenty of room

Is your 90mm WA Congo multicoated, or the older, more common single coated version? I have the multicoated version and find the colors and contrast excellent. It's not a very good scan, but here's a shot made with this lens:

My multicoated version has a 43mm front filter thread (but I use it with 52mm filters with a 43mm-52mm step-up ring).

The rated image circle of 175mm seems pretty accurate in my experience. Beyond that, coverage is limited by mechanical vignetting.

Of course, the best thing about this lens is the absolutely tiny size and ultralight weight. This makes it a great lens for backpacking - which is what I use it for.

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