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All of these will work (yet some require 135mm filters, a large lens board, and a camera with more than just average bellows):
Grandagon 200 (7x17 only)
Rodenstock 300W
Rodenstock 300 Makro (closeup)
355 G-Claron (Schneider)
16" dagor in Ilex
432mm de Golden Busch
450 Fujinon
450M Nikor
550 Fine Art XXL
600 Fujinon
610 De Golden Busch
750 Germinar (Doktor)
30 inch RD Artar
800T Nikor
35 inch RD Artar
1000mm Germinar
40 inch Artar
1100mm Fine Art XXL
1200T Nikor
A few more:

305mm Computar

14" Goerz Trigor

360 f5.6 Symmar in Compound or Ilex No. 5 shutter - late samples in Copal No. 3 shutters were labeled 355mm with a max. aperture of 6.8 (limited by the "smaller" shutter) - not this refers to the single coated convertible Symmar, not the newer Symmar-S

The 360mm Rodenstock APO Gerogon covers 7x17. I've heard it also covers 8x20, but I haven't tried it.

Ditto for the 360mm W.A. APO Nikkor. I know it covers 7x17, but don't have an 8x20 to try it on. Note, this is the W.A. APO Nikkor, which is pretty hard to find. It's much less common than the standard 360mm APO Nikkor (which definitely won't cover 7x17/8x20).

In a longer lenses, the 760mm f14 APO Ronar Compact covers with ease, as does the 760mm f11 APO Nikkor.

Kerry Thalmann
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