I feel for you, but doubt that much can be done to stop "Progress." As for documenting the intersection, connecting road, and surroundings, I would suggest that standard photographic principles would apply.

The decisions to "Improve" roads and intersections are generally based on raw data, which are gathered with electronic traffic counters. Sentiment and emotion are generally omitted from the equation.

Even traffic fatalities are measured in a cost/benefit analysis. An "Acceptable" number of deaths per mile driven may rise or fall, depending on the cost of engineering a safer roadway.

Not knowing any specifics to your case, I can't offer any plausible suggestions. I would, however, try to find out who planted those walnut trees (think Historical Trust). I might also find an insect, protected under "Endangered Species" legislation, and photograph it "Thriving" in the walnut grove.

On a side note, about 25 years ago, I spent countless hours photographing (documenting) what had been my playground as a kid. It was rolling hills surrounding a deep valley, a big bass-filled pond, and a babbling brook. It is now an exclusive golf club surrounded by very large homes on 4-6 acre lots.

I think it's about time I print these 4x5 negs & transparencies and peddle them to the management of the club, and the home owners.