Okay all you carbon printers out there...I'm just getting into carbon printing after a few years elbows deep in the kallitype process.
I've ordered 200 bloom gelatin but can't wait for it to arrive. So, I mixed up some Knox stuff to make the glop. 80g of Knox went in distilled water and let it sit. Warmed it up to liquify it, added 15g of pigment (I used chunghwa ink for sumi), mixed well, added 45g of sugar and mixed well, poured in 50g of 99% isopropyl alcohol, and stirred for a few minutes. Let it all sit for an hour to dispel bubbles.

I poured the gelatin into the magnetic frame (about 1mm thickness). Let the gelatin set, pulled the frame off, and left it like that. Checked it this morning (had been sitting for about 16 hours). When I touch it, it's very cold and clammy...it's rubbery like jelly. The temp of the room is 24 C, humidity is about 60.

What is dried pigmented tissue supposed to look/feel like when it has "dried"?