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hi Kerry,

yes you are right, mine doesnt look like a MC version at all, i just realized that olleorama referred to multicoated version.
here's a picture of mine lens, it takes 40,5mm filter. It's not that bad and it certainly has a distinct look, but far from a modern lens.
Yes, that's definitely the older single coated version.

The one I have was purchased new in May, 1998. It's in a black Copal 0 shutter, and definitely multicoated (bright green reflections).

In addition to the improved coatings, perhaps Yamasaki has improved their quality control in recent years. I have no hard evidence of this, but one would hope quality would improve over time as technology evolves. The sample I have definitely performs quite well (sharpness, contrast, color) within it's limited image circle.

Kerry Thalmann
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