Good Evening, Zenrhino,

I've never heard of a film which couldn't be frozen. (But don't be surprised if someone out there pops up with an example!) Generally, slow and medium speed films keep a looooong time if frozen; fast films benefit also, but perhaps to a slightly lesser degree. With most black and white films, think in decades beyond the nominal expiration date. Kodak has long recommended that its "professional" color films be refrigerated or frozen until use, but "amateur" films, color included, can also benefit.

Give any frozen film plenty of time to reach room temperature before unsealing the packaging, just to avoid condensation. You probably won't have any problem with using part of a box of sheet film or part of a bulk roll and then putting it back in the freezer, but, again, exercise a normal caution about condensation; moving a partially used and resealed package from a humid 95 degree environment to the freezer might cause problems, although I've never actually encountered anyone who can cite an example.