Mirko, yet again you speak from the heart. There can be no doubting you are 110% committed to doing your best to supply us as photographers, trust works both ways.

The only other company to be as honest (on the Internet) is Ilford/Harman Technology.

You don't give us bull-shit and excuses just plain facts. I've used EFKE (Adox) films since the 70's I haven't yet seen a coating problem that's ruined an image, and haven't spotted any on other negs recently. I am fully aware that in the panic when Ilford went into administration quality controls were ignored and anything coated went flying out of the factory mainly to J&C. Some people thought that was the final melt-down and the nblast production of B&W materials !!

It needs to be borne in mind that the Original Post in this thread isn't about actual problems just what's been read on the internet/APUG.

Sure Adox/EFKE films aren't perfect but they are extremely good, and different, are they classic, old school - no they aren't at all, they were the most modern and advanced film of their time, if Kodak or Ilford had made them it might be a different story today, Pan F is the nearest equivalent.