Perhaps part of the problem reported by some users is a lack of care in processing. I don't think I have read of a problem by a person who has been developing film for 40 or 50 years, because we learned to handle film very carefully, because emulsions of the past were extremely soft. Those who've grown up with pre-hardened emulsions are careless in their handling of film. I see this almost daily in the school laboratory.

I use these films, as well as others, and it is extremely rare for me to have any of the stated problems. Pinholes caused during the manufacturing process pop up every two or three years for me. I develop these films in sizes up to 7 x 17 inches using a variety of methods including several at a time in a tray. I do not use an acidic stop bath.I use a water stop bath for a long enough time to dissipate most of the developer prior to putting it in the fixer. I don't wipe film when it is hung to dry.

It seems easier to be careless in handling film and blame it on the manufacturer than it is to learn proper film handling procedures. I compliment Miko, and his company for keeping film available, and given us up front information.