In todays market the price is too high. I have a nice one with a Beseler Dichro colorhead for $200. The colorhead has no control unit & I have not used it as a colorhead, just as a nice cold light head for B&W & it has done the job.

If you look around you will most likely find something nearby for a decent price... being under $100 to the $300 range. New they are still around $2000, but those are usually sold to someone whose business has a CPA telling them to buy & dump every few years for tax reasons or a corporate structure that will only allow them to purchase new.

Buy a used one that works. They are difficult to screw up though it can be done. The frustrating thing these days is that they are "worth" more but you can't get it. They are basically a dime a dozen on the used market & those who don't sell for a realistic price either find a fool or don't sell... and there aren't many fools buying enlargers these days.

EBay is viable & worth the effort. If you wait a bit one will come up. Or, like my latest replacement(& the reason I am selling mine) I found a brand new one in the box for a price I couldn't turn down & 'take it out of the house for me as the goodwill guys don't want it'.

If you wait a bit & look carefully you should find something nearby. If you look a bit & figure shipping cost you will beat what this guy has easily.

Even at that, $500 is too high in todays market. Heck, for $500 I will sell mine, throw in neg holders from 35mm to 4x5 and deliver from Denver to California. They just aren't getting high prices these days.