My workroom is climatized all year round and the RH varies from a low of about 30% to a high of 55%, but 90% of the time it is around 40-45%. I use about 30 grams of sugar per liter of glop, and usually no glycerine. I made my tissue on Yupo and pour to a wet height of 1mm - 1.5mm, usually the latter. With a fan the tissue takes abou 24 hours to dry when the RH is 45%. At 60% RH it would probably take 48 hours to dry.

Tissue on any plastic or synthetic paper will dry at the same rate since it can only dry from one side. I used to make tissue on paper and it dried much faster, but there are more disadvantages than advantages with paper.

There are several grades of Yupo. I use the lightweight variety to make large tissues (24" X 30") and cut to size for small prints (11X14 or less), usually discarding the Yupo after use. For larger prints up to 14X20" I use a heaver weight Yupo and reuse it many times.

Sandy King