Great information guys, thanks! I went down a made a few more tissues. I've got that part of it down now. I used my glass coating rod after I soaked it in hot water, to spread the glop inside the magnetic frame. Got a really nice, bubble free coating. The next time I mix up the glop, I'll reduce the amount of sugar, and then perhaps at another stage, reduce the amount of Isopropyl...Just waiting now for the formalin to arrive, then I can coat some paper.

Sandy, sometimes my darkroom can hit 70%RH or higher, but I can get it down to 50% with my trusty little dehumidifier. The last few sheets I coated worked well at 50%, so that'll be my target RH.

Dave, thanks for the tip on where to source Acetone...I'll try Rona across from Coquitlam Centre first to see if they have any.

Cheers guys!