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I have access to local minilab supplier who has Kodak C-41SM kit chemicals for minilabs. Chemicals come in 2 boxes F1 and F2

F1 pack (Kodak #8740110) contains 4 containers labeled part 1...4
F2 pack (Kodak #1173319) contains 2 containers labeled part 1 and 2.

How do I mix those to get working C41 solutions that I can use in Jobo.

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It's not hard to reverse engineer the mix. First you need to know the fluid capacity of the minilab's developer, bleach and fixer tanks. Next is to open the box and measure the contents of each individual bottle/container in the boxes you have. Write the amount of mL next to each bottle. Now the easy part.... If the machine has a 10l tank, just use 1/10th of the concentrate to make a 1 liter mix.

Box F1
Part 1 (probably in 2 containers) Potassium carbonate
Part 2 Hydroxylamine sulfate
Part 3 4-(N-Ethyl-N-2-hydroxyethyl...... (big long name)

IF Box F2 may contain a red and a clear liquid, (bleach and fixer) or two containers of blix (same color). If contents are different, they can be used as blix (mixed together) or separate bleach and fixer.

Start there and let's see what you've got.