>IF Box F2 may contain a red and a clear liquid
According to Kodak Z-101 publication:


Developer - is the the package F1
Bleach - F2 (There's no dark red fluid in F2 box...?...)
Fixer - F2
Final Rinse - F1

But it does not tell which container it is ... overall 6 containers (in F1+F2 boxes) - 4 working solutions. Kodak developer is usually mixed from 3 components A+B+C. Overall


I just need to mach them up and know how much to dilute

SM is "standard" C41 4 component process. Here's Kodak reference for chemicals (sorry I do not know too much about chemical components):


Kodak publication Z131 for mixing:

Here's Kodak Publication Z131 for Flexicolor rotary developmet: