A lens of a given focal length will provide more depth of field at a given aperture when used for a larger format of film than it will for a smaller one. I.e., a 45mm lens at f11 can display more depth of field on a 6x7 camera than it will on a 35mm camera, if properly focused.

My question is how this could be applied to the use of an XPan. The depth of field scale on the 45mm lens for this camera seems appropriate for the 35mm format. But when using the camera in the panoramic format, won't there be more apparent depth of field? Say I focus at the hyperfocal distance and take a picture with the camera set for the 35mm, then switch to panoramic and take the same picture. Won't the nearest point of the depth of field move closer to the camera? Can this be accounted for in any way in real use of the camera?

Or am I entirely missing something here?