I've got a Ce1000, the baseboard is 20"w x25" deep. Column height is 43 1/2 inches above the baseboard, whih is 2 1/4 inches thick. The CLS 450 colour head and mixer box extend 12" above the column at max height. So you need 5 ft clearance above the counter. With a recessed lens board and mount, a 50mm lens can do 16x20 with ease from a 35mm neg You don't need an arm extender to reach the focus knob when using a grain magnifier either. According to the column, the magnification with a 75mm lens is 12x, 105mm - 8.5x, 135mm - 6x, 150mm 5x. At max height the focus knob is around 40 inches above the baseboard.

I'd go look at if for sure for that price.