I stopped giving news about MCC because too many people tried to nail me down on dates which really always have been and still are only estimates.

But I can give you the latest informations on Phoenix.
Phoenix is the coating line which has been open to us for coating fibre. It was dismanteled at Agfaīs (by then called machine K). It got scaled down to optimize it for smaller runs, overhauled, re-engineerd and put back up.
Phoenix can carry the web since april and is blowing his cheeks (means the dryers are operating) since last week and we are running test coatings every day now.
First coatings with light sensitive material are planned for next week.

So if we donīt face any further obstacles we hope for a first MCC coating by the end of June. MCC needs three months to harden, so confectioning can take place in September. We could also sell some material earlier to people who are under great pressure if they air dry it only.

Find attached a few pictures from a presentation I held last sunday at the German Classic Photography convention.

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