[QUOTE=ldh]Lots of great ideas here...gotta love lensless photographers...QUOTE]

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas. I now have 2 pinhole cameras. I found an old Agfa box camera on eBay that had already been converted to pinhole. The 620 film is kind of a hassle though, as I don't have ready access to a darkroom to roll it onto 120 spools. It has a certain "low tech" appeal though!

I also ended up getting a Mamiya Press Universal with 6x9 back (and extra lens cap) on eBay, since the lens is easily removed, it takes 120 film, has a rangefinder (viewfinder?) and polaroid backs seem to come up on eBay fairly regularly. It also gives me the option to experiment with medium format -- with the lens on. However, the thing is HEAVY and bulky to one used to newer 35mm cameras. Haven't had a chance to experiment much with it yet, but my pinhole roll shows promise.

What is the difference between a rangefinder and a viewfinder anyway?

Keep those ideas coming, I enjoy hearing all those creative solutions!