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Vaughn, is it not possible to reverse the negative when making Carbon prints ?

I guess if you make intermediary/enlarged Digital negative, as I believe Sandy King does then there's no flipping issue

A true point UV light source and a vacuum frame might be able to produce as sharp of a print with the negative flopped (or flipped) as one printed emulsion to emulsion. But I have neither a true point UV light source or vacuum frame.

My desire for very sharp prints does not allow me to flip the neg over. In fact, I won't even use a set of BL bulbs to expose carbon prints with because of the loss of sharpness that results from such a diffuse light source.

The reason for this is that the emulsion of the carbon tissue is many times thicker than the emulsion of silver gelatin paper. Diffuse light has the opportunity to spread out within the emulsion and softening the image.

Enlarging negs with film of digitally does give one the opportunity to flip the image before making the carbon print.

I think my prints look (or feel) sharper than the negatives -- due to the additional apparent sharpness gained by the edge effects of having raised relief.