I secretly sacrificed two chickens and a duck before launching Camera 6 in the hope that it would make it's way safely on it's journey..
It appears they died in vain...

K_Jupiter and I have made a number of attempts by PM and email to contact the first person on the list in the past weeks and have heard nothing. Unfortunately I think we have to concede that it may be gone..

So.. what do we do?

I can re-jig the list about, get a fresh throw away B&W/Colour and send it to the second person on the list and start again? Or K_Jupiter has very generously offered to provide another SureShot camera for "Around the world with camera 6 ˝". I feel his losing one camera and the disposable is more than enough already though..

If anyone has any other suggestions I'm open to them! Sorry everyone.. I never thought we'd fall at the first fence!